Many residents in the eastern suburbs are looking to upgrade their kitchen in 2016. Most kitchen installation companies will install the new kitchen you have ordered but may not remove the existing kitchen! We can remove the existing kitchen in your house or unit in most instances. Some old kitchens date back to the 1930’s and can prove to be quite challenging to remove. In some cases the home owner may need to get a licensed electrician in to make any wiring to the old kitchen safe before we can commence removal of your old kitchen cabinets. cabinets are often secured both to the wall and floor in the case of floor units. We will assess the job and try and estimate the time required to remove the cabinets. As with electrical wiring it may be necessary to get a licensed plumber in to disconnect plumbing services to the kitchen. These services could include:

  • dishwasher connection and drain
  • sink hot and cold water and drain
  • gas connection to gas cook tops and possibly older style stoves

Once the electrical and plumbing connections have been secured we can then remove the old cupboards, bench tops and accessories. We are happy to inspect your old kitchen to discuss their removal .