Nothing can be more tricky than trying to hang a mirror that is very heavy on a wall. This can be a tricky proposition, as we well know! Large mirrors can mirror hangingweigh a lot because glass can be extremely heavy so great care needs to be taken with mirror hanging projects.

Tips for hanging mirrors

  1. If the mirror is heavy, firstly check, then double check that the chain is up to the weight of the mirror – it sounds obvious but sometimes they are simply underrated!
  2. Check that the mounts that connect the mirror chain to the frame of the mirror are properly attached. In general this means that substantial screws are required – NOT staples, like we have seen a number of times!
  3. Establish that, when mounting the mirror onto a gyprock wall that the hook is screwed onto a timber stud behind the gyprock – sounds obvious but we have seen people trying to hang 40 kg mirrors onto a sheet of gyprock – not a good idea!!
  4. Use the correctly specified mirror hooks. For a heavy mirror we recommend either using 2 hooks or heavy duty brass hooks with 2 mounting holes on them. Spreading the weight between 2 hooks is often a logical solution, depending on the application
  5. Have someone assist you when lifting the mirror onto the hook! Have you ever tried maneuvering a 30 to 50 kilogram mirror onto a hook on the wall. it is NOT easy. Get someone to assist you and avoid possible damage to the mirror and more importantly damage to you!!