We get asked to install curtain rods by home and apartment owners in the eastern suburbs. We have installed onto brick walls, gyprock and even concrete walls. The array of curtain rods and curtain tracks available nowadays is staggering and the types of fittings and fixtures we encounter are very varied. The number of curtain rod brackets required on a curtain rod installation depends on:

  • span of curtains
  • weight of curtains
  • the ‘soundness’ or otherwise of the walls onto which the curtain rods are being installed

We would generally mount the curtain rods where the client wants them mounted and this is in most cases above the window architrave but sometimes it is actually onto the architrave itself. If the curtain rods are telescopic (meaning an inner and outer curtain rod section) it makes the installation relatively simple provided the wall surfaces are easy to install the brackets onto. In some instances the brick walls can be quote ‘crumbly’ in some older buildings – we had an example of an old apartment block in Randwick where the walls were very ‘soft’ and we had to use 3 anchor points per curtain track bracket to firmly install the brackets onto the wall.

curtain rod installation