Many people have small laundries and optimising the space in the laundry is an important consideration. The vast majority of modern electric clothes dryers come with a wall mount kit that allows for the dryer to be mounted on the wall of the laundry. The important issues when looking to mount the dryer on the wall are:

  1. ensuring the brackets are secured safely onto the wall. In the case of brick walls this is generally not an issue and masonry anchors can be drilled and screwed into the wall allowing for the brackets to be attached in a safe and sturdy manner. If the laundry walls are gyprocked then it is preferable to screw the mounting brackets into the stud work to ensure a strong connection to the wall. If studs are not available in the required location it may be necessary to install timber battens onto the wall and then attach the brackets onto those battens.
  2. getting the height right! Ensure that the dryer is positioned so that the dryer door is accessible within a comfortable height to put clothes in and out of the dryer
  3. allow for access near a power point to plug the dryer in
  4. some dryers need a ‘vent’ space behind the dryer to allow for circulation of air – always read the recommended mounting instructions that come with the dryer.