11 july 2016. We had an interesting project recently where a customer in Randwick was preparing their apartment for sale. They had an issue with mould in their bathroom and had used a bleach based mould remover spray to clean down the tiles in their shower cubicle. This was fairly successful in getting rid of most of the mould but the grout between the tiles had discoloured in a few places due to the growth of mould over may years. In this instance there are several possible approaches, with re-grouting probably the ‘best’ approach. The client was in a rush to rectify the issue as their property was due to be listed in a few days time. We found a ‘reasonable’ solution to be the use of a grout pen. These are made by a number of local companies and basically dispense paint via a pen with a retractable cylindrical tip. When the tip of the grout pen is pushed in and out a few times it causes the paint the be dispensed. The width of the cylindrical dispensing tip is about the same width as grout lines so it is reasonably easy to dispense the paint into the grout lines making them nice and white. Whilst probably not the best ‘long term’ solution, we helped the client make the shower tiles look far more presentable.

grout pen

Image above is the White Knight Grout Pen – details here