Building Timber Gates – Handyman Project

Have you ever had to get a quote to replace a timber gate or set of double timber entrance gates? Prices quoted by many of Sydney’s eastern suburbs joinery companies are very expensive. We can make to order, depending on your requirements, a great timber gate that will look fantastic, be weatherproof  and should last […]

Handyman Project July 2016 – Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring

A handyman needs to have a wide range of skills. In the eastern suburbs we are currently seeing a lot of home renovation and many people are looking for handyman services to assist with these renovations. We recently installed the latest generation of ‘vinyl plank’ flooring in a residence. Remember back in the 1970’s if […]

Hanging A Clothes Dryer On A Wall

Many people have small laundries and optimising the space in the laundry is an important consideration. The vast majority of modern electric clothes dryers come with a wall mount kit that allows for the dryer to be mounted on the wall of the laundry. The important issues when looking to mount the dryer on the […]

Handyman Tip – Paintbrushes

We have done so much painting in our time – from ceilings, to fences, to walls, to doors, to trim, to guttering – you name it, we’ve painted it! One simple tip (which you may or not know) which we consistently put into practice is this:

“When having a break from painting, wrap the bristles of […]

Tips – Use The Correct Tools

One piece of advice that we would give any aspiring renovator is to invest in a set of tools that will meet the needs of day in day out repair and renovation work Examples of this would include:

have the right range of drill bits. this would include having masonry drill bits, wood drill bits and an assortment […]

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Handyman Project – Metal Lamp Base Restoration

An unusual request was made of our services recently. A client in Randwick had an old table lamp that had a brass lamp base which would have been well over 50 years old. The finish on the brass was very badly tarnished and had fine paint ‘splatters’ on it as well as considerable discoloration caused […]

Repairing Bakelite

Our work can be very varied and present a few interesting challenges.  A friend asked us to see if we could fix some broken parts on an old 1940’s bakelite radio. The broken parts were ‘spars’ on the speaker grill that had come off and needed re-fabricating. bakelite was really the earliest ‘plastic’ to be commercially […]

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Handyman Tips – Power Tool Safety

Anyone who has used power tools for a while knows they can be potentially dangerous. The wattages of modern power saws, hammer drills, electric planers, drop saws and the likes have increased and these tools can do serious damage to their users if care is not taken. By no means an exhaustive list, here are […]

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Changing Light Bulbs

We get many requests to change light bulbs in businesses, houses and apartments in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Light bulb technology has changed enormously over the last 10 years. The modern light bulb comes in many types and varieties and the technology used. They include:

Incandescent – the traditional filament light bulb used for more […]

Installing Curtain Rods

We get asked to install a lot of curtain rods. The range and variety vary hugely and they have become quite sophisticated over the years. Many curtain rods available today are ‘telescopic’ meaning the overall length of them can easily be adjusted to accomodate varying window widths. A few tips when installing curtain rods:

check the […]

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