Have you ever had to get a quote to replace a timber gate or set of double timber entrance gates? Prices quoted by many of Sydney’s eastern suburbs joinery companies are very expensive. We can make to order, depending on your requirements, a great timber gate that will look fantastic, be weatherproof  and should last many years. There a quite a few factors to take into account when looking to buy timber gates including:

  • design – they should match the ‘look’ of your home
  • the height – they need to look in proportion to the width, whilst meeting needs for security and privacy
  • weight – how much will they weigh. This is important in terms of the hinges, the metal or Building Timber Gates - Handyman Projecttimber posts they are supported by and the ease of opening and closing the finished gate
  • finish – will the gates be painted or stained ? Obviously this depends on the type of timber used. If painted they should match the existing homes paint scheme
  • bracing. Timber gates are notorious for ‘sagging’ over time. This means the bottom of the gate can start to drag on the ground potentially. It is imperative that the gate design incorporates correct design and bracing to stop the potential for gate ‘sag’
  • hinges. The hinges need to be correctly sized and weight rated. they must be galvanised or stainless steel to prevent rusting and weathering in the salt laden eastern suburbs of Sydney’s climate.

Conclusion: You can save money by getting a skilled handyman to build and install a new timber gate. The correct design and materials must be employed to ensure long term operation with minimal maintenance and weathering.