Property Maintenance Eastern Suburbs

Maintaining your property, be it an apartment, house or commercial property is an ongoing requirement. Many eastern suburbs residents look to a third party to perform these services on a regular basis. We can offer our handyman services to clients looking to get ongoing maintenance of their property. This maintenance can include services including:

Painting – […]

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Tips On Installing Hose Reels

Hose reel installation is a common request from eastern suburb house holders. We can install virtually any hose reel you can buy! We generally are asked to mount hose reels on brick or rendered brick walls. It is important to take these tips into account:

Mount the hose reel close to your garden tap! This sounds […]

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Spray Painting Table Base Project

We get asked to do some very interesting and unusual handyman jobs from time to time around the eastern suburbs. A recent job involved changing the appearance of an ikea desk. We were asked to spray paint the steel legs of an ikea office desk. The reason the client wanted this was so that it […]

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Eastern Suburbs Handyman Update – November 2015

Welcome to our first blog post. We get requests for a huge variety of handyman services. Yesterday was a fairly typical day. We had a call from a client who was planning on renting out their apartment while they were travelling overseas and wanted to ‘spruce up’ the place to make it attractive for prospective tenants. […]